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Project Description
Enables the display of DCS-A10 gauges on Secondary Screens and Windows Phone 7 by using XNA Studio and C#.

What is DCS you may ask? DCS is one of the last companies producing really hardcore flight simulators where you will need weeks so that you can land a plane without driving it into the ground. 

Even when your’re used to use hundreds of keyboard commands it’s quite a mess to issue commands to this game. This is where this project comes into play.

This open source project will enable you to issue commands to this game by using speech commands and
your secondary devices like Windows Phone 7, Secondary Screens on your desktop or Windows tablets.

Please note, that this project is published because otherwise it would be deleted from CodePlex. It is in a
very early stage and I hope you can understand that it is not usable by now. I hope this will change very soon.

First ScreenShots:



More Screenshots (Desktop)

Please note:
English is not my native language. So there will be many errors here  Sad smile. Sorry.


Very much thanks to:

Olgerd for the DCS A10 Cockpit Arguments!


19.02.2012 Project Published (in early Stage)
06.02.2012 Project created

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